Company profile

Let us tell you about KOJIMAGUMI.

 Since our establishment in 1919, we have been accumulating results in many constructions including dredging, reclamation, marine civil engineering, etc. as a company that owns highly specialized unique vessels. People used to have not-so-positive image on dredging and reclamation, regarding them as a cause of negative influence on environment. The essence of KOJIMAGUMI's business lies in bringing a harmony among land, environment and human living in nature. We respond to wide range of social demands from a small river dredging to a large port development by fully utilizing our highly efficient and energy saving diverse vessels such as the world largest grab dredger GOSHO and others. Lately our dredging technology has been sought globally. We are going to send our best employees to the world and proceed to our further expansion to the South East Asia in medium-term and to Africa and India in long-tem. What I care the most in the relationship with the client in the world are "an operation with integrity" and "a relationship of trust". Assuming the solid technology, building up totally open relationship revealing all the good and the bad will lead us to the solution in a real sense. That is what I believe. As the developing countries' economy improves rapidly, our job in various project including port development is expected to gain more importance in the future. KOJIMAGUMI is a civil engineering company, and at the same time "a construction machinery maker" who constantly proposes a new technology. We contribute to the society by developing a unique vessel with our own idea that can't be found anywhere in the world and utilizing it in civil engineering. We, all the employees and executives, continue making an effort in one mind to be able to gain the recognition as "the company with the best dredging technology in the world" with our untiring spirit for developing technology in near future.

President, Representative Director
Tokuaki Kojima