Company profile

Let us tell you about KOJIMAGUMI.

Our founder Ryoichi Kojima once served as a chairman for Ueno (current Tokai-city) town assembly. And the letter "Ryo" from his first name was branded on shovel and other civil engineering work equipments. That is said to be the origin of this logo. Then after being demobilized from the WW2, the third president Akio Kojima (deceased) improved the design by adding the symbol color blue as in the beautiful ocean that surrounds Japan. Heishu Hosoi (born in current Tokai-city), who was a mentor of Yozan Uesugi, Yonezawa's (Yamagata prefecture) lord of feudal clan and a renowned Confucian scholar in Edo era, being greatly respected at his birth town, said "All of learning, thinking and acting together complete the good." That also expresses the core philosophy of our company, which is aiming to contribute to the society through learning on site, thinking and acting.