Privacy policy

1.  Basic policy for protecting personal information

KOJIMAGUMI Co., Ltd. (hereafter the company) aims to protect an individual's rights and interests while considering the utility of personal information including that proper and effective application of personal information contributes to the creation of new industries and the realization of a vibrant economic society.

2. Acquisition and utilization of personal information

 The company shall acquire personal information by proper legal means with a prior consent only after clearly indicating an object of its utilization. And personal information shall be utilized only when required for business purpose within the scope indicated at the time of acquisition

3. Provision of personal information to third party

The company shall not provide personal data to third party without an individual's prior consent. In case of sharing personal information, except provided for in the law, the company shall do so only after obtaining the individual's prior consent.

 4. Control of personal information

The company shall take appropriate action for the security control of personal data including preventing illegal access, loss, damage, alteration or leakage of its obtained personal data and proper control by appointing a personal information protector.

5. Disclosure, correction, cease of utilization and complaint of personal information

 The company shall take prompt action upon the request from the individual for disclosure, correction, addition, deleting and cease of utilization of personal information within necessary scope. For complaint against handling personal information, the company shall take proper and swift measures.

6. Contact

Any inquiries concerning personal information, please contact our administration department.

President, Representative Director Tokuaki Kojima