Spud system backhoe dredger



Length:24 m  Breadth:10.3 m  Draft:0.9 m  Bucket capaciry:3 m3  Dredging depth:-8 m

◎2013 Backhoe renewed ◎Spud system
Year built 1992
Backhoe model HITACHI ZX670LCH
Backhoe nominal capacity 3.3 m3
Backhoe nominal dredging capacity 150 m3/h
Spud φ600 × 16 m × 3 pcs


Outline of backhoe dredger

As the backhoe dredger has a strong digging force, we installed with three-point suspension for her stability, which made operation safer and swifter. As a result dredging capability was improved and hard soil dredging became possible.
Her side floater can be removed temporary and spud can be tilted to be able to work under diverse condition such as passing through the narrow or low bridge in river/channel dredging.


Spud system

Being anchorless, she can operate safe in narrow river or channel without disturbing other vessel's navigation.
As being able to stand the spud by herself, she can cross over a low bridge easily.


Safety equipment

Surveillance camera is installed to check behind the backhoe, enabling easy safety check from operator seat.
Another surveillance came is on top of the accomodation to check the deck.