Anchorless grab system



Length:60m  Breadth:20m  Depth:2.2m  Grab bucket capacity:18m3  Dredging depth:-30m

◎Installed sealed type grab bucket
◎Spud system
◎Dredging execution management system
Year built 1993
Dredger manufacturer SKK Corporation
Dredge main engine Mitsubishi S16R-MPTA (1,471 KW)
Dredge max. hosting load 70 ton
Dredge jib length 24 m
Dredge working radius 13.5-20.7 m (Jib angle:70°-50°)
NO.1 Grab 18 m3(P.L)/12 m3(W.L), 45 t
No.2 Grab 20 m3(P.L)/20 m3(W.L), 40 t (Sealed type)
Spud φ1,300 × 38.3 m (50 t) × 2 pcs
Main generator Yanmar S165L-HN (265 KW)
Aux. generator Yanmar 6HAL-N (81 KW)

Feature 1

Sealed type grab bucket system

Sealed grab bucket can prevent spill water during hoisting and spreading soil water.


Speedy shift by 2 spuds system

She has a spud system for shifting. One spud is in the middle of the vessel and the other in aft.
With them, she can shift without assistant of push boat or anchor wire.
The system can be controlled by one operator from the bridge. (Patented)


Dredging execution management system

With RTG-GPS and special soft ware for operation, we can easily specify dredging area and check the history.