Activate ports around the world with our unique work vessels of dredgers and barge unloaders. That is KOJIMAGUMI's job.


 Dredging is securing the area and water depth for cargo handling and navigation by excavating seabed. When channel, basin and berth are maintained well by dredging, the vessels will be able to have a smooth navigation and speedy cargo loading/unloading.

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 Reclamation is creating a new land by unloading soil into the sea area contained by revetment. It has been done already for so long in coastal area in Japan against a backdrop of industrialization as a country with a small area. It is a significant job, which creates a flat land for human being's easy usage. Lately more environmentally-friendly reclamation technology is demanded.

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Marine Civil Engineering

 Port is indispensable social infrastructure in Japan being surrounded the four quarters by sea. Port sustains economical activities as logistic center and at the same time serves as relaxation and recreation place for many. These function and roles are comprised with port facility maintenance provided by using various civil engineering technologies. Protecting port from the threat of natural disaster such as earthquake or tsunami is another role of marine civil engineering.

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Land Civil Engineering

 Land civil engineering result, such as maintenance and management of highway, water supply and sewerage, river and dam, can be witnessed everywhere in our living environment. KOJIMAGUMI is contributing in community development with proven technological strength as a civil engineering professional.

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