We maintain and manage channel, basin and berth in port mobilizing diverse work vessels.

We have diverse work vessels including the world largest grab dredger "GOSHO" and others to accommodate diverse constructions or port sizes.
With them, many work results have been accumulated in highly specialized construction since our establishment.
Here are our vessels, technology and projects.

Vessels(Grab dredger)

Vessels(Backhoe dredger)

KOJIMAGUMI technology

Sealed Double Structure Grab
Dredging Method

It discharges mud or soft mud grabbed by grab to barge through pipeline that is directly connected to grab.
This is an environmental response type new technology that made energy saving dredging possible, reducing turbidity greatly in the sea.

KOJIMAGUMI in the world

 KOJIMAGUMI is a leading construction company with excellent accomplishment in the field of dredging of marine civil engineering in Japan.
Lately our technology has been appreciated in Africa, the Middle East and Singapore through the projects offered by Chinese and European general constructors.
We contribute to people's living around the world by creating ports.