KOJIMAGUMI's method can send dredged soil efficiently to reclamation site reducing environmental burden.

Our unique discharging technology is receiving high evaluation from the marine concerned. "Air pressure vessel" sends dredged soil to reclamation site with the power of pressured air through pipeline. "Barge unloader vessel" can mix water and dredged soil on board, then suck it with pump, and send it to reclamation site. They realize efficient reclamation reducing environmental burden. Improving marine environment as creating the marine-creature-friendly-environment by maintaining the beach is our another important activity.

Vessels(Air pressure vessel)

Vessels(Barge unloader)

KOJIMAGUMI technology

Pipeline Mix
Solidification Treatment Method

Solidification material is added during the process of discharging dredged soil on air pressure vessel. It is a new technology of mixing soil and solidification material utilizing turbulent effect caused by plug flow that occurs in the air pressured pipeline.