Next generation grab dredger hybrid vessel

Hybrid vessel


Length:67m  Breadth:26m  Depth:2.7m  Grab bucket capacity:23m3  Dredging depth:-85m
◎Hybrid System
◎Automatic operation system
◎Sealed wide type grab bucket
◎Installed anchor
◎Automatic maneuver system
◎Dredging execution management system
Flag Japan
Int'l gross tonnage 2877 tons
Year built 2014
Dredger manufacturer SKK Corporation
Dredger max. hosting load 160 ton
Dredge jib length 32 m
Dredge working radius 17.3-24.7 m (Jib angle:70°-55°)
NO.1 Grab 33 m3(P.L)/23 m3(W.L),100 t
No.2 Grab 40 m3(P.L)/(W.L),88 t (Sealed wide type)
NO.3 Grab 9 m3(P.L)/(W.L),130 t (For hard soil)
Spud φ1,500 × 40 m (76 t) × 2 pcs
Anchor JIS F 3301 Stockless 6 t × 4 pcs
Anchor chain JIS F 3303 Φ56 × 25 m
Thruster Nakashima propeller SPJ-57N × 2 pcs
Main generator Daihatsu 8DC-32e (2,800 KW)
Aux. generator Yanmar 6HAL2-WHT (265 KW)


Hybrid System

It stores the energy generated while lowering bucket and uses it for hoisting.
That can cut the fuel consumption around 25-30% and gas emission as CO2 drastically.


Installed automatic operation system

Dredging, turning and loading can be done by automatic control by simply putting the numbers on touch panel at operator seat according to the working condition.


Installed sealed wide type grab bucket

Sealed wide type grab bucket made thin layer dredging effective.
Its sealed structure can prevent spreading soil water.
And the large capacity grab bucket can make operation effective.


Installed anchor and spud

She can operate at max. 85m depth by using 2 spuds and anchor together, broadening working hydrographic conditions.


Installed auto maneuver system

When using anchor, auto maneuver system controls anchor feeding/winding automatically.


Installed thrusters

Installed 2 thrusters shorten shifting time with smooth positioning.


Dredging execution system

Installed 2 RTK-GPS provide accurate position control. Dredged trace is displayed by depth in different colors.