The largest barge unloader in Japan



Length:60 m Breadth:15 m Draft:2 m Discharge capacity:7,480 m3/hr Discharge capacity:650 - 1,500 m

◎Largest barge unloader in Japan ◎Circulation system to reduce spill water
◎Improved accommodation
Year built 2000
Main pump capacity 7,480 m3/h
Water injector ejector pump 1,500 m3/h
Water injector Main water injector pump 2,500 m3/h
Water injector Water injector pump 1,500 m3/h × 3 pcs
Main pump engine Yanmar 8N280L (3,200 PS)
Main generator Yanmar 6N280L-SV (2,000 PS)
Aux. generator Yanmar 4HAL2-TN (122 PS)


Largest barge unloader in Japan

It injects the water and stirs the soil in box barge, then discharges it continuously to the site with pump to avoid secondary pollution by direct discharge.

Feature 2

Circulation system to reduce spill water

Her total anti-pollution equipment can take the water back from the site with the drainage problem and unload continuously (circulation system).

Feature 3

Improved accommodation

We improved crew accommodation and office by renovation and installing receiving equipment for BS satellite broadcasting at the shipyard in Yamaguchi in March, 2017.